Artist Statement - October 2014

As a practitioner I describe myself as a multi-disciplinary photographic artist who specialises in a number of ‘fringe’ photographic techniques, specifically wet-plate printing, disposables, non-lens based film, astrophotography and abstract video pieces. After rediscovering the wonder of photography by forcing myself to relearn the vernacular by using only disposable cameras for a year I was able to free myself from the constraints of traditional photography rules, straight lines, perfect compositions and rigid ideas. I often tell people that to be able to break the rules you must learn them first.

As an artist, my interest also lies in the story of photography. I have studied the history of chemical based capture of light and continue to stay knowledgeable with emerging digital technologies. Considering what is lost in the photograph during the digital revolution will continue to be a main and overriding focal point of my practice.

Since moving to Hawick, Scotland with my young family my focus has narrowed to the community. By purchasing a small freehold in the centre of town to build my practice from I can concentrate on local ‘micro-projects’ that I can develop into community inspired works of art.

Chosen Influences:

Penelope Umbrico, Joachim Schmidt, Jasper Elings, Merry Alpern, Phillip Stearns, Richard Billingham, Cesar Kuriyama.

All work unless stated otherwise are my own creations.

A few years ago I was really getting into long exposure night time photography. I started leaving my camera out longer and longer, further and further away. On this particular night I was in the New Forest, Hampshire a few hundred yards from the road. When I set my camera up I noticed a horse in the distance, which startled me a bit. I’m a little afraid of them because they’re so large and could hurt us if they really wanted to. Anyway, I thought nothing of it and left. 

A few hours later I returned. The camera wasn’t where I’d left it. Had it eventually been stolen? No, The horse I’d seen earlier had taken a disliking to my equipment and knocked it over, caking the whole thing in mud! I kept the picture, for the memory, even though it’s ruined. Although now looking back it’s one of the most fun night time pictures I’ve taken. I should really share the rights with the horse.

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