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A few years ago I was really getting into long exposure night time photography. I started leaving my camera out longer and longer, further and further away. On this particular night I was in the New Forest, Hampshire a few hundred yards from the road. When I set my camera up I noticed a horse in the distance, which startled me a bit. I’m a little afraid of them because they’re so large and could hurt us if they really wanted to. Anyway, I thought nothing of it and left. 

A few hours later I returned. The camera wasn’t where I’d left it. Had it eventually been stolen? No, The horse I’d seen earlier had taken a disliking to my equipment and knocked it over, caking the whole thing in mud! I kept the picture, for the memory, even though it’s ruined. Although now looking back it’s one of the most fun night time pictures I’ve taken. I should really share the rights with the horse.

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